I started this project for a double refractor with two Borg 125mm ED APO refractors with 800mm focal length. After a long search these telescopes in my eyes are the best solution regarding big aperture, low focal length, low weight and high optical quality

Here I am at my lathe cutting a peice of bronze to become the vertical bearing of my mount.

Here you can see the inner and outer bearing

The dovetail clamp is adapted to the inner bearing

To save some weight I added some more holes

Here I am measuring the axial play of the bearing

The readily mounted dovetail clamp together with the inner and outer bearing

I am milling the holder for the outer bearing at my round table

And it fits well :-)

Inner bearing, outer bearing and holder

Now with attached dovetail clamp

The vertical bearing is ready, here you can see how the odvetail rails are attached

The horizontal bearing is also machined out of bronze

Here you can see it attached to a tripod

And this is the complete mount.
It is a copy of the central mount developped by Tatsuro Matsumoto, which I have built with his permission
The advantage of this mount is it's extremely low weight and the ability to mount the telescope tubes in their center of gravity

To attach the very thin aluminium tubes to the dovetail rails I needed some extra support.
I am starting with two rings out of aluminium having the inside diameter of the tubes

The rings are cut into pieces

And these pieces are milled down to lokk like little moons

drilled and countersunk

To save space even the countersunk bolts needed to be turned down

This is how my solution is looking like
A piece of tube mounted to the prism rail using the support pieces

And here with the real tubes

I covered all shiny parts with black velours to prevent reflections.

These are the two Matsumoto EMS-UXL systems with helical focusers between the mirror cases for adjusting the interpupillary distance

Here the EMS units are mounted to the tubes which are attached to the mount.

This is the finished binoscope

The weight of one tube with EMS is 4 Kilogramm.
The complete weight of the binoscope with mount is 12 Kilogramm.

Observing near the horizon...

And towards the zenit

The binoscope fits well into an old Rimowa Aluminium case

The accessories as well as my two Canon IS binoculars are inside another, smaller Rimowa case

Ready to travel to dark places :-)