After the big success with my 125mm doubel refractor I searched for another project of a binoscope with even more aperture.
After many thoughts I did end with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes as these instrumens do have relatively big apertures while the telescopes are still quite small and lightweight
The weight of the finsished Celestron C8 binoscope is just 14 Kilogramm, these are only two Kilogramm more than the 125mm binoscope.
Here you can see the two old orange C8 tubes out of the seventies, which have been the base for this project.

Here you can see the two telescope broken down into parts

I shortened the central baffles to avoid vignetting

I turned the original attachments away to be able to attach the EMS systems later

This is the way it wil look...

These adapter pieces I had machined by a CNC service to make sure the tubes will be 100% parallel

Here I am milling the hole for the horizontal bearing into the new center piece of the fork

And I took away some weight of the center piece too

This is the finished Celestron C8 binoscope

Weight: 14 Kilogramm

and here cooling down for the first light

The front end