Probably many amateur astronomers are anxious about building their own binoscope
Some respect is for sure a good base but finally it is not extraordinary complicated and every one who is able to build a newtonian or dobdonian will also be able to build a binoscope
Often the biggest fear is about getting the te´wo tubes 100% parallel, but especially with the short focal length of a refractor this is no big thing
For sure the needed precision is increasing with longer focal length and for a SCT you should for sure plan to use some time until you have a good collimation.
But finally the precision does not need to be perfect as you can make the last tiny collimation with the set screws at the right EMS unit

I am a happy man with a small own workshop with a lathe and a mill, but this is not necessary to build a binoscope
Especially while building the C8 and C11 binoscopes I had some parts machined by a CNC shop to get the needed precision. Such shops or people offering the manufacture of mechanical parts are widely available and with their help everyone is able to build the binoscope of his dreams.